Expedited Shipping Options

Try Hours provides a variety of expedited shipping services, each tailored to your shipment and timing needs. We have land and air expedited shipping services to all major US cities and metro areas, as well as several Canadian and Mexican destinations. No matter what shipping service you use, our goal is to get your shipments to their destination on time, every time — saving you as much money as possible in the process. We've set up a truly international expedited shipping system, with air and land-based shipping options to make sure your cargo is moving as quickly as possible to its end destination.

In addition to our variety of expedited shipping options, our Qualcomm Satellite Tracking gives customers up-to-the-minute information on shipment location and delivery. We track every inbound and outbound shipment along its entire path, providing with real-time updates on timing and location so you can plan around the delivery with confidence. From single packages to large-scale shipments of automotive parts and industrial equipment, Try Hours Expedited Shipping services have logged millions of miles making sure that your shipments get there on time, every time.

Air Charter Expedited Shipping

Try Hours Expedited Shipping has partnerships with most major air carriers, as well as several smaller cargo transport agencies, so we can provide the aircraft type and capacity to meet any need. Air charter shipping is most economical for small to mid-sized shipments making a long-distance trip, or those that are especially time sensitive. Our expedited shipping experts will work with you to plan out a route for your shipments that makes sense in both time and money spent on the road or in the air.

Ground Charter Expedited Shipping

Try Hours Expedited Shipping offers a variety of ground charter shipping services, so you can pick the van, truck or tractor-trailer that is best-suited to your needs and budget. Our team of shipping service experts will work with you to coordinate a shipment plan that makes the most sense, helping you estimate timing and cost so you can plan around the shipment with confidence.

Cargo Van Expedited Shipping

TryHours Cargo Van Expedited Shipping

Capacity: 2,500 lbs.

Cargo vans are the best way to move small shipments small distances very quickly. From across the street to across the state, Try Hours has cargo van operators in most major metro locations and can help you get small packages and shipments moving quickly. Our team of expedited shipping experts are available in any city, around the clock, to help you with your time-sensitive shipping needs no matter where you're located.

Sprinter Van Expedited Shipping

TryHours Sprinter Van Expedited Shipping

Capacity: Up to 3,300 lbs.

Sprinter vans are ideal for short distance trips with smaller loads and are typically less than a 24–48-hour round trip. They are also much less expensive to operate and use, capable of carrying a variety of cargo. We have point-to-point expedited shipping services using our sprinter van fleet for most major US cities.

22-24 Foot Straight Truck Shipping

TryHours 53-Ft Tractor-Trailer Expedited Shipping

Door Opening: 96”W x 96”H

Capacity: 8,500-12,500 lbs

Straight truck shipping services are perfect for medium sized loads or longer trips, perfect for shipments that require climate-controlled shipping. Our Straight truck shipping travels across the country and to destinations in Canada and can get your mid-sized shipment there quickly.

53-Ft Tractor-Trailer Shipping

TryHours 53-Ft Tractor-Trailer Expedited Shipping

Capacity: Up to 43,000 lbs.
Note: Door openings and Box Length may vary by vehicle

Our 53-foot Tractor-Trailer Shipping is the largest shipping container in our fleet, ideal for cross-country trips and a large load of goods and parts that need to get there quickly. We operate our fleet of tractor-trailer shipping services cross country, and are available for extended duration trips as well. Our goal is to get your shipment there quickly and safely, not matter how big it is.

Try Hours offers a variety of shipping solutions to get your shipments on the road quickly and easily. To utilize our shipping services, or to find out which type of expedited shipping service might work best for your next shipment, call the expedited shipping experts at Try Hours today at 800-334-0224!