Shipping With TryHours Expedited Shipping

First-Time Shipper Guide

This shipping guide will help first-time shippers or those wanting a refresher on shipping freight with Try Hours expedited shipping services.

Prepare your packaging

Proper packaging prevents damage to your shipments and is the first step in getting your shipment on the road. All freight should be protected with proper packaging, in compliance with the NMFC. Be sure to prepare your shipments on pallets properly, prior to Try Hours shipping arrival. Having the proper packaging and shipments ready to go can dramatically decrease turnaround time and will help us get your shipments there faster.

Label every piece of your shipment

Please be sure to label all of your shipments completely and accurately. Complete names and addresses must be visible on each piece to ensure your entire shipment arrives intact, with label placed in their correct locations. Also, be sure of accuracy with your labeling, that destinations and names are correct before loading. Try Hours is not responsible for mislabeled or incompletely labeled shipments, though we will do the best we can.

Complete a bill of lading

The bill of lading is a legal contract between the shipper (you) and the carrier (Try Hours Shipping). The bill of lading states exactly what is being shipped, how many pieces there are and shows the shipping and receiving destinations. It is also a receipt for goods, a contract of carriage and a document of title. Try Hours requires a bill of lading to be completely filled out ready for submission prior to our arrival. We will not schedule a pick up until the bill of lading has been received and processed by our staff.

Download a copy of a bill of lading here. If you have any questions about the bill of lading or need assistance in filling it out, please contact Try Hours customer service directly at 800-334-0224.

Arrange a Pickup

Call Try Hours Expedited Shipping or use our online chat to request a shipment pickup once your shipment is packaged and labeled, and your Bill of Lading is ready to be processed. You can also request your pickup online at our Pickup Request page. When your driver arrives to pick up the shipment, provide the driver with the Bill of Lading. Be sure to double check all labeling and your Bill of Lading information prior to pick up.

Follow your freight

After pickup, you can use Try Hours Track & Trace to follow your freight as it goes through the system and onto its final destination. Your shipment will move through our system with only one tracking number to follow, making it easy and convenient to track. Our system provides real-time updates and tracking information, so you can follow it wherever it goes and know the moment it arrives. If shipped on a pallet, your shipment will remain on the pallet. Individual boxes are not separated from the rest of your shipment during transport.

If you have any further questions about expedited shipping, or if you would like some more information about how to place shipments using Try Hours expedited shipping services, please contact us directly at 800-334-0224. No matter where your shipment is heading, Try Hours can get it there on time, every time.