Try Hours Hazardous Materials Shipping & Hazmat Freight

Try Hours offers full-service point-to-point hazmat shipping for nearly any type of hazardous material. Whether for storage, disposal or transport, we have a full line of certified vehicles and the most experienced drivers to handle your hazardous material loads while on the road. Try Hours understands that hazmat loads are some of the most sensitive and demanding shipping orders a company can send out, and we take pride in our spotless record of safety and security.

Protect Your Company and Your Hazmat Freight

State and national governments have begun imposing even stricter regulations and guidelines on the shipping of hazardous materials across the country. You need a team of hazmat shipping experts who know the laws and the best way to keep you and your shipment safe. Try Hours has a fully trained and documented staff ready to handle the most sensitive loads of hazardous materials on behalf of your company, and will keep both your company and your shipment safe.

Hazmat Shipping Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do your drivers/handlers receive any special training for Shipping Hazmat loads?
    A: Yes, Per DOT regulations, all of our employees who handle hazmat loads must complete an approved training course, and have documentation on file
  2. Who is required to receive hazmat training?
    A: Any employee who is part of the hazmat shipping and handling process is required to complete training specific to their role. In addition, all of our drivers and shippers must complete DOT approved training course and maintain their certification with continuing education and certification.
  3. Do you have any special security protocols in place for Hazmat shipping loads?
    A: Yes, Try Hours Expedited Shipping complies with HM-232, a set of Department of Transportation regulations that requires all carriers to have a security plan in place and train all of their employees on hazardous materials security. This is to ensure that hazardous materials are transported in a safe manner and don’t become tools in terrorist plots.
  4. Do I need trained hazmat shippers if I only ship a very small amount of hazardous materials?
    A: There are no exceptions provided for minor involvement in hazardous materials transportation. If you ever ship any hazardous materials, or contract to have hazmat materials shipped for you, you must use trained and certified staff. Complete records must be kept on all training, in accordance with DOT rules.
  5. Is there any special information required on my Bill of Lading for hazmat shipments?
    A: The Bill of Lading for each hazmat shipment must contain the following information: number of packages, type of package, ID number, proper shipping name, hazard class, packing group number (if applicable), weight of the material, an emergency response phone number and a signed shipper’s certification. The proper order for the hazmat description is as follows:
    - ID number
    - Proper Shipping Name
    - Hazard Class
    - Packing Group (if applicable)
  6. Can I be penalized for not using a certified hazmat shipper for my hazardous materials freight?
    A: DOT has been increasing both the fines and penalties for companies and shippers who use untrained staff to ship hazardous materials in the United States. Documentation of training and recent continuing education for all staff involved with the shipment is the responsibility of the shipper, but responsibility for ensuring that the hazmat shipping employees are in compliance falls on both parties. Protect yourself by using Try Hours Shipping, a hazmat shipping team with experience, training and the knowledge to protect you and your freight no matter what the situation.

If you have questions about hazardous material shipping requirements or hazmat freight shipping services, call us at 800-334-0224. We’ve got the trucks, drivers and support team you need to get your shipments where they're going, fast and secure.