Heavy Equipment Shipping & Freightliner Heavy Haul

Try Hours Shipping specializes in heavy machinery transport, specifically for industrial and constructions applications. We’ve shipping hundreds of loads to factories, shipyards, and construction sites across America. Our experienced logistics team can help accommodate any customer needing to transport heavy equipment, including:

Dump Trucks, Road Wideners, Excavators, Oil-field Drills, Bull Dozers, Backhoes, Scrapers Compactors Boring Machines, Stone Slingers, Generators, Concrete Mixers, Tanks, Lifts, Vacuum Trucks, Water Towers, Trailers, Utility Trucks and Equipment, Plow Trucks, Log Loaders, Welders Wheel Loaders, Concrete Pumps, Cranes, Ditch Diggers, Forklifts, Railroad Equipment, Motor Grader, Snow Equipment Tractors, Crushers, Light Towers, Pipe Layers, Drilling Rigs, Earth Movers, Haulers, Step Decks, Bucket Trucks and Tractors.

Setting Up Heavy Equipment Shipping

As one of America’s premier heavy machinery transport companies, we have an enormous wealth of experience when it comes to hauling trailers and other forms of heavy equipment. When you call Try Hours Expedited Shipping to assist with your heavy equipment transport, you can rest assured that the process will go smoothly. Our machinery movers understand late deliveries equal lost revenue, so we work hard to arrange the transport of your trucks and construction equipment to the next job site.

Based on the dimensions of the heavy equipment, we will determine the best way to transport your vehicle. All of our drivers are the best in the transportation industry and have various different methods to accomplish the job.

Once we have determined which type of vehicle will be used to fulfill the transport, we then will have to determine the route. Some states may require certain over-sized permits and additional insurance requirements when transporting between states. Once all permits and insurance requirements have been determined we will be able to let you know:

  • The total cost for the heavy equipment transport (which will include all taxes, tolls, insurance and permit fee requirements)
  • The estimated time for pickup and delivery (please keep in mind traffic, weather, and distance.

Once your heavy equipment has been picked up by one of our fully licensed, insured and bonded carriers, our dispatch department will be in constant communication with you until the vehicles has been delivered. Our driver will contact you within 24 hours to schedule the time for the pickup and 24 hours before the date of delivery.

Try Hours Specialized Shipping Services Include:

  • Heavy Haul Trucking and Transport
  • Jet Engine Transportation
  • Same Day & Next Day Freight Shipping
  • Helicopter, Aerial Drone & Aircraft Transport
  • Turbine, & Propulsion Shaft Transportation
  • Construction Equipment Shipping
  • Oversize Load Transport
  • Boat Hauling and Yacht Transport
  • Military Vehicle Shipping
  • Container Shipping and Transport
  • Hazmat Shipping
  • Produce & Temperature Controlled Shipping

Heavy Machinery Shipping Company

When you need to ship oversized equipment, whether you need an expert for hauling trailers, forklifts or dump trucks, Try Hours heavy machinery transport company can handle it. If you are a specialty dealer, construction company, police department or military personnel, we can handle your specific shipping needs, no matter what they may include.

For more information about Try Hours heavy machinery shipping services, or to request a quote for transportation services, call us today 800-334-0224.