Healthcare and Pharmaceutical
Expedited Shipping Services

Just-in-time shipping of pharmaceuticals, hospital supplies, equipment and other sensitive shipments is critical in the healthcare industry — timely deliveries can make all the difference. At Try Hours, we’re proud to be an industry leader in expedited shipping, getting important healthcare shipments to their destination on time, every time. Our complete network of shipping and expediting resources will help get your medical office, hospital or nursing home's medical shipping needs to their destination as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Try Hours' commitment to the healthcare industry provides a variety of expedited shipping solutions for critical healthcare-related shipments, backed by on real time monitoring technology and our FDA-compliant shipping and storage guidelines. We also offer cold chain logistics shipping solutions for temperature sensitive expedited shipping needs as well.

Expedited Healthcare Shipment Services

  • FDA-compliant solutions for meeting regulations and guidelines
  • Full-service cold chain logistics (CCL) provides dedicated to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies
  • State-of-the-art technology to ensure each shipment will arrive on time at the designated temperature range
  • Dual driver security services
  • Validated temperature controlled equipment
  • Specialized handling equipment
  • Satellite tracking to provide constant visibility of each shipment
  • Owner-operators are trained and security cleared to handle high value shipments
  • Inside delivery to hospitals, clinics and physicians upon request
  • Owner-operators must pass a comprehensive criminal/background screen
  • Direct communication with driver and truck via Qualcomm

If your Hospital, medical facility or nursing home has time- or temperature-sensitive medical shipping needs, or if you are interested din learning more about the Try Hours expedited shipping services for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, please contact us today at 800-334-0224.