Shipping Testimonials

"Love this company!! If you like making money and seeing the country this is the place to work. Everyone in dispatch is awesome and we love Phil, Lori and Scott in the recruiting department and safety. Best expediting company we have found."

Lisa S.

"One of the best companies to work for, they truly care about the drivers. My wife and I have drove team for them since the start and have now been here for over 2yrs. Couldn’t be happier, excellent dispatchers, great Owners, and wonderful safety and recruiting department! We have had our share of slow weeks just like others in the industry but like everyone that comes into this industry you should be prepared for that and budget accordingly. Have not been disappointed by the miles or loads we have run, have never been forced to take a run we didn’t want. All in all, really glad we chose Try Hours as our home and wish we would have started sooner."

Thomas H.

"I love my Try Hours! Been here for 7 years and have zero complaints... Dispatch is great even when I'm being cranky... And I want to throw out a special thanks to Mark D. For thinking outside the box for more opportunities for us to make money! Best company to work for!"

Sharlene F.

"What we do is cool. We get to haul cool stuff, meet great people, go to neat places. What gives us the opportunity to do these things over everyone else is the very fact that we are special, we are valuable, we provide something and we are needed. Most drivers that are sitting at a warehouse cannot say that, nor do they probably feel that way. For what it’s worth these are my opinions and how I feel about what I not only provide; but receive from expediting. I’m proud of what I am able to do for our customers, our company, our owner, and most of all myself. I am proud to be a Try Hours Expeditor!"

Kevin W.Try Hours Expeditor

"When I came to Try Hours, I was new to being an owner operator and expediting. Try Hours even had to give me a letter of intent before I was qualified to purchase my truck. Knowing several people in expediting, I had to do a lot of research to decide which company was for me. I made a list of all the things that were important to me and hit the Internet. After a ton of reading, and taking notes, I had cut my list down to the top six companies that looked good to me. Then, I had to start making phone calls. I talked to recruiters from all of them. I spoke with Phil and Judy at Try Hours. They both gave me that warm and fuzzy feeling you look for when making that tough decision. They both said what I wanted to hear, and sounded like they meant it. After I provided them with all needed documentation, concerning my truck and me, I went to Maumee, Ohio. They were as genuine in person as they were on the phone. Now, it’s time to work with the dispatchers. They are the best I have ever worked with. The first thing John told me was that “We are a team. Neither of us will make any money without the other.” I have taken runs I really didn’t want because he has worked with me. I have also turned down runs and not felt penalized in any way. I had to learn a lot about expediting. Before, I had dealt with a lot of rude people at warehouses, with nice spacious docks. It all changed. Now I am dealing with a lot friendlier people at smaller shops. These are smaller businesses, like Mom & Pop shops. These have more pleasent people to deal with. Their docks will also test your abilities. You can tell many trucks have been there before, so it will be possible to get there. After being with Try Hours for the past seven months, I do not believe there is a dock I cannot back into. I would recommend Try Hours to anyone. When I’m out on the road and speak with an unhappy driver, I recommend Try Hours. As hard as it may be to believe, I have not had a single reason to look at other companies. "

Bo C.Try Hours Expeditor

"Great people, great service! I would recommend them for your expedited needs."

Steve Barrett

"Amazing company to work for. They definitely take care of their employee's best interests and personal and professional needs. It is great to work for a family owned and operated company because they know the importance of taking care of each other."

Alix Keil

I wanted to let you know that I appreciate what everyone at Try Hours does as well. Though I hardly ever call the office, when I have, everyone has been more than helpful.

Expediting for me is career 2.0, after 25+ years in an office. The travel and schedule flexibility of expediting has been awesome, and after almost 7 years, I still know I made a good decision to partner with Try Hours."

Jim Brandenburg